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Linda's Featured Review: 


Desolation Mountain is William Kent Krueger’s 17th novel of the Cork O’Connor series.I have read and enjoyed the series and recommended them to many friends along the way. I suppose since the stories have mainly taken place in Northern Minnesota and include learning more about the Ojibwe culture and beliefs; they have held my interest and loyalty to this author. The main character, Cork O’Connor is half Native American and half Irish which serves him well in the small town of Aurora, Mn where he once served as the Sheriff and is now working as a private investigator.

The story begins with a tragic airplane crash killing Senator Olympia McCarthy and her family near Desolation Mountain on the Iron Lake Reservation. Cork as a part of the Tamarack County Search and Rescue Team is one of the first responders, along with others from the Iron Lake Reservation.  They arrive and when no one can be saved they immediately try to find the cause of the crash. But before they can discover anything, but the carnage of the crash, they are hustled off by the FBI and Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Pilot error was the initial report from the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) reported in the local paper. But Cork has his doubts almost immediately.  Senator McCarthy was a rather controversial individual with strong beliefs concerning open pit mining in the Boundary Waters area and gun control.  Two hot button topics on the national level as well. It’s at this point the story, while interesting, seems more like a spy novel.  There is an alphabet of governmental agencies involved the NTSB, DSS, FBI, DoD.  You get my drift. Plus there are unknown bullies searching the area making threats to the first responders who just want to find the truth about this tragedy on their land.

In my opinion, a story is better when it moves along and there is more clarity and less unknown entities. But, I mainly read for the entertainment factor! Like watching a good movie. As the story progresses, Cork, his family and friends meet their share of peril and danger, but as always his Native American instincts and Irish strength pull him through. I hope you enjoy this novel. Happy reading!





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