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Welcome to Dick & Linda's Book Picks!  Among many hobbies that people enjoy are picking up a good book! The problem is picking the right book. "A Good Book" is a very subjective thing, since people's interests are so varied. Some prefer sci-fi, some like a good murder mystery, others like a good romance or historical novel, while others prefer non-fiction. Here you will find some interesting titles complete with Dick's or Linda's reviews. Then it's up to you to decide!

It's also our intention to make this section as interactive as possible for your reading enjoyment. If you have a book you wish Dick or Linda to review or you have a review, feel free to submit your suggestions to our webmaster.

About Dick & Linda

About Dick: Born and raised in Northeast Minneapolis, Dick Solem went to Edison High for 2 years and transferred to Osseo High in Osseo, MN.

After graduating from high school, Dick went to the University of Minnesota.  Married right after graduating from the U, Dick and his new bride, Colleen, traveled to San Antonio, Texas to begin a 3 year tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force.  After a stint in Japan, Dick left the Air Force.  He and his wife returned to Minnesota where he started a 25 year career in the Life Insurance industry.  During that time, his family grew. His 3 children all have had successful careers.  After retiring from the Life Insurance industry, Dick assisted in establishing a successful advertising agency in the Twin Cities Metro area. 
Besides being an avid reader, Dick has spent a lifetime as a collector.  For the past 25 years, he's had a "love affair" with English Toby Jugs and his collection presently has over 450 pieces.

About Linda:  Linda is a neighbor and friend who loves to read.  She grew up near Cleveland, Ohio (go Browns???) She describes her childhood as the happiest one a girl could ever have.  Loving, wonderful parents, an older sis and two annoying brothers.  After high school she went to work in the Corporate Department of a Managing Agent for Iron Ore mining companies in the Iron Range in Mn.  How ironic…Anyway, she then went to work for Buick Motor Division in Ohio, then Chicago and was recommended to become a District Manager calling on Buick dealers.  After training, her first assignment was Central MN in 1977.  She says they sent her here because it was so rural at the time, it was where she could do the least damage??  The good news is she met her life partner and are happily together after 41 years and considers Mn her home and wouldn’t live anywhere else.  Of course, she does winter in FL... which is sorta cheating. 

Linda's passion for reading started in her pre-teens with the Nancy Drew mysteries.  She read everyone and to this day loves  a good mystery.


Linda's Featured Review: 
The Space Between Us

By Dete Meserve

Happy New Year everyone.  Sorry I haven’t written for a while.

Anyway, this is a book I read back in November and really enjoyed.  It’s unique in that the main character, Sarah is a scientist and astronomer so there is a back story with information on our planet, solar system, constellations and the like.

The story begins with Sarah returning from making a presentation in Washington, D.C. to high level NASA people on a major discovery called a Trojan asteroid.  When she returns to L.A. her excitement quickly turns to concern. It’s 1 o’clock a.m. and her husband isn’t home and all her teenage son tells her is that her husband’s last words to him were: keep the doors locked and set the alarm… Next she finds a loaded Glock in their night stand.  They had never owned a gun.

As the days pass and Ben (her husband) is still missing she tries to piece together the puzzle of his disappearance. The space between their fond memories and the mystery of current clues and accusations against him.

If you enjoy a good who dunit and why, I think you will enjoy this read.  Happy reading until next time.







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